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StylePHX remains a transformative creation in which Ashley LaRae helps you heal, align, and manifest—spiritually & professionally— and bridge the gap between who you are (your 3d reality) and who you truly can be (your spiritual and metaphysical realms).

 From style & wellness to esoteric tools, we intend for the items we share in our Shop to help you embody, explore and design a true outward expression of your own self-empowerment -- with a touch of our StylePHX aesthetic.  Click HERE to visit the StylePHX website and learn more about us and our other services and offerings.


The Short:

Consultant | Professor | Artist | Producer | Love(r) | Mystic | Healer | Psychic | Medium

Ashley helps you heal, align, and manifest—spiritually & professionally— and bridge the gap between who you are (your 3d reality) and who you truly can be (your spiritual and metaphysical realms) by teaching you how to consistently connect with your most aligned, authentic Self. If you are truly ready to streamline the process to unlocking & balancing your next level, StylePHX can help you draft the blueprint that'll take you everywhere You need to go.

The Long:

After beginning her career as a fashion stylist for superstars such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Keyshia Cole, The Dream, various athletes, and businesspersons, Ashley now teaches people how to align their personal and professional brands with their Ideal Self through business and spiritual advising, brand consulting, mindfulness, sound healing, and esoteric tools with StylePHX, founded in 2010. She also instructs a course at her alma mater, Arizona State University, in their Herberger Institute School of Art - Fashion program and is a producer and host for Social Television Network, where you can stream her show, Of Sound Mind, and more.

StylePHX began 11 years ago with Community in mind, and we recently expanded into sustainability and community empowerment through our local community garden, StylePHX Family and Friends Garden, at Project Roots AZ. Ashley also dedicates free time to community empowerment as a member of Phoenix College President's Advisory Council and Million Dollar Teacher Project Advisory Council. In recent years, she has also held positions as the Chair of Phoenix Valley Young Professionals, Communications Director for AIGA Arizona, Marketing Co-Chair for Girls in Tech Phoenix, Vice Chair of Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams’ Business Council, Youth Mentor with New Pathways for Youth, and member of Achieve60AZ African American Attainment Equity Task Force.