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Advice From Steve Jobs

Advice From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs stood by this belief until the day he died. How many of us go to work each day wishing we lived a different life? The first step to designing that desired life is to determine your passion and then take calculated steps each day to live it out.

Even something as simple as spending 15 minutes a day doing one thing you're passionate about will lead you into more and more happiness, joy, creativity and success. If you love to be outside, take advantage of your lunch break and get out of the office. If you love to read, spend 15 minutes each evening before you fall asleep reading your favorite magazine, web articles or a new book. If you love the beach but don't have the chance to travel, play ocean sounds as you sleep until you're able to take a trip to the real thing, or, I don't know, splash around in your tub to ocean waves on Spotify. Whatever makes you feel closer to your desires is worth it (I won't judge).

We feel like we don't have enough time in a day to do what we have to do, let alone what we want to do, but the solution to this problem is simple. Just do, be and go...for a few minutes, every day, on a small scale to begin with.

The only way to design your happiest, most fulfilling life is by loving what you do, one moment at a time. We have to consciously make those decisions, as our souls are yearning and tugging at us every day that we don't.

For me,  years ago I began stopping by a park almost every evening on the way home from work because I felt trapped and confined in Los Angeles but didn't have access to the type of nature I loved. This simple decision changed my life. I began appreciating the less obvious parts of nature, like sitting in the grass looking up at trees and the sky in the middle of a busy and hectic city. This helped me change my mindset toward what's possible and showed me that I can find beauty and satisfaction in the small things if only I make the effort. I began loving the park so much that I would wake up early and go there to read, meditate or exercise. People even started teasing me for always being at the park (it was so obvious)! I would take my dinner to the park in the evening and watch Netflix on my phone, breath in the good ass park prana and just be. It felt so nice.

In time (short time, in fact), I was miraculously able to spend more time in nature. Somehow opportunities would just open up for me; it was as if time was on my side and nature was creating new ways for us to be together. Within one year's time, I was suddenly able to spend most weekends at the beach, whether in LA or San Diego, or the beautiful desert of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. I was suddenly venturing into canyons and lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains, and of course, more parks. My work schedule was the same so I never quite understood how this was possible, but it was.

Now I understand that one step leads to the next & like attracts like.


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